Naturen Kalder can offer unique experiences and activities with nature and outdoor life.


The starting point is either in the dramatic and amazingly beautiful terrain of Møn in Denmark or Dalsland in Sweden.


We offer paddle aktivties and nature expriences at sea and along the coastline of Møn or at the many lakes and rivers in Dalsland. It can be in kayaking, canoeing or on Stand Up Paddle boards.


If you plan to hike, Møn has a diverse nature and beautiful coastal walks along the sea, which means that Møn's nature is designated as the Unesco Biosphere Reserve. In Dalsland there is a rich variation of different nature types; cliffs, forests, lakes and rivers, and where you can see both moose and badger, and with certainty you see traces of the beavers at the water. Here Naturen Kalder can offer a guide and contribute to an even greater nature experience on the trip.


The tours are guided by Rangerguide and paddle instruktor Tina Noregren, who has lived at Møn since 2004 and from 2016 has come regularly in Dalsland where she has been resident since 2019. Tina is master in education, educated rangerguide and certificated paddle instruktor. Tinas is specialized in outdoorlife, teambuilding, and leadership-training and has great experience in hiking, kayaking, canoeing, riding and outdoor camping and cooking.


If you plan to make a large arrangement for the family, schools, institutions, associations and companies it can be arranged and assembled according to wishes and opportunities from you.

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